Vegetarian Meal Planner

  • posted by naomiw

    I’ve recently bought The Clever Guts Book and The Recipe Book. I love it and am totally on board with trying the R&R phase next week. I am disappointed that there is no meal planner for vegetarians or alternatives suggested in the recipes. The number of vegetarian recipes is very small. Can anyone help me with a meal planner without meat or fish please. Thanks

  • posted by Firefox7275

    The meal planners are examples only, the detailed food and symptom diary (p.187) and any existing dietary restrictions – medical/ religious/ moral – should guide each individual journey. Note that Dr Mosley does not “recommend removing too many foods at one time, so it might be helpful to do ‘Remove & Repair’ in several stages.” (p.190)

    If a vegetarian eliminates dairy products and eggs simultaneously the diet becomes vegan, which increases the need for supplements (essential fatty acids/ minerals/ vitamins). If they also eliminate soya products, pulses and gluten grains the diet becomes so restrictive as to need medical supervision.

    Maybe start out analysing your detailed food and symptom diary, reviewing the *balance and variety* of foods and supplements you currently consume.

    Consider your average daily intake of sugar and processed starchy carbs, how many different varieties of vegetables and fruits each week, whether the full rainbow is well represented, balance of omega-6 to omega-3 rich oils and fats, variety of probiotic rich fermented dairy products, quality and quantity of eggs, variety of mineral and fibre rich wholefoods …

    Your detailed food and symptom diary can be incredibly revealing, and you may find you don’t need a full R&R but rather to better balance and vary your diet and supplement regime.


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