Breakfast Bread failure

  • posted by ChrissyF

    We followed the recipe on page 211 in the book which says it makes a 900gm loaf.
    Firstly the mix was like a cake mix and nothing like a dough. Secondly I put it into a 900gm loaf tin. The mix only came 2-3cms up the sides. Baked it for 40 minutes as per the recipe and it has hardly risen, if at all, and has come out like a slice not a loaf.
    At approximately 300 gms of dry ingredients I’m wondering if there are enough dry ingredients in the recipe? The recipe on page 210 for Green Flaxseed Bread also says it makes a 900gm loaf but it has approx 750gms of dry ingredients which seems more appropriate for a 900gm loaf.
    Has anyone else tried to make the Breakfast Bread?
    Our thoughts are that it could be;
    1. the recipe is wrong in that it makes a 900gm loaf, and thus it needs a small tin OR
    2. there aren’t enough ingredients to produce a 900gm loaf

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.
    Thanks in advance

  • posted by Paintrocks48

    Hi Chris,
    Sorry to hear your loaf didn’t turn out as expected and I’m at a loss as to why it happened. I’ve made this loaf only once and it was ok even though I subbed maple syrup for honey and also realised half way through putting it together that I only had 4 eggs and not the recommended 5! so I added an extra tablespoon of flaxseed. I also added some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. The mix was not dough-like either but more like a muffin mix or banana bread mix. I didn’t overmix it either…just made sure all the ingredients were combined. I’d say the loaf was more cake-like than a bread ….freezes well too. Oh, and I baked it for around 45 minutes.
    Hope your experience hasn’t put you off trying the recipe again – good luck!

  • posted by Firefox7275

    ‘Breads’ and ‘loaves’ come in many guises, not just super fluffy refined grain bakery offerings.

    Part of the reason those are made is literally to charge us for air (just like how whipped commercial ice cream is, then sold by volume not weight).

    Not surprised the loaf didn’t rise given the dense, low carb ingredients, no added yeast, lack of proving or fermenting time. More like an unleavened bread, flatbread or bread substitute: probably should have had the same density warning as in the green flaxseed bread recipe? And definitely should specify which size loaf tin.

    Similarly the porridge and granola recipes aren’t really those without oats, and grated cauliflower takes the place of rice.

    You might find the thread on sourdough bread useful if you like a fluffier bread.

  • posted by Dollygrip

    I agree that the breakfast bread is very dense. I found I could only eat a tiny amount and it took a long while to chew. All these are good things! I added caraway seeds to my batch but I’m planning to make a hybrid with gluten-free flour and yeast to see what that’s like. I want a high protein bread for my partner who is diabetic but little and seldom s the motto informing our choices.

  • posted by Iroby

    Just made this and yes, not a dough but a cake mix. Spent ages checking and re checking what I’d done wrong.
    Texture sponge like and sweet which would be lovely if I hadn’t added Himalayan salt which made it to salty for me. Will add less next time. Won’t enjoy at breakfast but as a snack when sugar cravings take over. Look forward to trying the other bread recipe and I’ll read reviews 1st.

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