Chicken Veggie Patties

Recipe by Garmcns

  • Time needed: 2 hrs
  • Calories per serving: 160
  • Servings: 7
  • Difficulty: 2
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Chicken Veg Patties, 5 decent size patties for 160 calories per serve. Protein, fibre and 7 serves for busy living.


• 3 x chicken thighs, skin off - 330 calorie
• 6 cups mix veggies (onion, carrot, kale, zucchini, dice celery) - 300 calorie
• 1 TBLSP oil - your choice (Flaxseed) 120 calorie
• 2 x eggs. 180 calorie
• half cup Flour - your choice- 200 calorie
• Physillium Husk as required less 20 calorie
• Salt/pepper/ Spices of choice (chicken salt, bacon flavour, chilli, garlic)


METHOD- non stick pan - Use oil to cook chicken and diced onion, add seasoning/spices, add grated/diced veggies, let soften. Take off heat, cool in bowl, place portions in blender with small amount of water to reduce to chunky paste. Back in bowl add eggs, flour
and physilium husk to achieve formable patties. Cook 5 at a time in Airfyer, I use a non stick base plate from a tart form to provide a solid base in Air fryer. Cook for 15 min at 180, turn over at 8 min mark. Should make 35 x patties at total 1130 calories, divide up into 7 serves of 5 patties at 160 calories per serve. Can store or freeze,

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