Who should do the Clever Guts diet?

This is a diet that is aimed at anyone who is interested in their health and who wants to keep their guts in good condition. There is also a section, Repair and Reintroductions, which is aimed at people who currently have gut issues which are not resolving with standard medical treatment. For people who think they may have Irritable Bowel Sydrome or a common food intolerance, such as gluten or lactose, there is currently no reliable medical test. Although there are plenty of tests advertised on the internet, none that I am know of have strong science behind them.

In the absence of a reliable test the best thing you can do is try to identify which foods, if any, are causing your problems. This means withdrawing a few of the commoner foods that may be causing you problems, then reintroducing them later. We will take you through this in detail.