Penicillin Allergy

  • posted by Tanyag34

    I, like many people, am allergic to Penicillin. (Anaphylactic shock potential). I cannot eat blue cheese and if I eat anything mouldy by accident, I have a reaction – sometimes pains in arms, hives etc. I cannot drink wine from France and South Africa due to the much higher levels of Sulphites used in the process (NB – I love French wine but it doesn’t love me; wine from everywhere else is fine and no problem with Champagne). Top tip while I’m here, if you think that you can’t drink wine because it ‘gives me a hangover’, do some experimenting; you might find that wine from Australia is fine, but French will hurt your head.
    Anyway, I’ve avoided anything that I am unsure of eating for years because of this mould issue. Years ago, I was advised not to take Acidophilus and steer clear of ‘probiotic products’. I think this was because the nutritionist did not have the background knowledge to advise on these substances and so preferred to exclude them from my recommended food list. I am really wanting to improve my gut biome, having read D Mosley’s book. Can anyone advise me as to whether I should avoid anything specific when wanting to improve gut bacteria, when I have this Penicillin/mould problem please? Thank you.

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