Mind over Munching

  • posted by Wobbles

    Willpower. Where on earth do people really get their willpower from? I struggle with habitual eating and my main problem is I drink tea, probably five or six cups a day, and every time I drink tea I have to have something to eat with it. It might be a biscuit or a bit of cake, a chocolate bar, a bit of toast (or two!) spread with LOADS of butter. If I drink tea without eating anything I can often feel sick afterwards, which passes after three or four minutes. That’s probably something to do with the tannin in the tea but also it’s a habit. I don’t drink tea without something to ‘mop up the wetness’. I can drink fruit juice or squash (I don’t drink these very often) without eating so why not tea? I can’t bear to give up tea, it’s such a big part of my life. My downfall is at about 9pm when I sit down to relax in front of the telly. I cannot stop myself from making a cup of tea with………chocolate, bit of cake, biscuits, whatever sweet thing I can find. If I ditched the ‘last thing at night’ cup of tea then I wouldn’t eat the food but having a ‘last thing at night’ cup of tea is part of the relaxing process. It makes me feel more snuggly and cosy.
    How do other people deal with their habits and changing the way their mind thinks when it comes to food?

  • posted by recoveringfatty

    Hi Wobbles
    Is the tea you are drinking sweetened?
    Could you substitute some of the bad stuff with some other better snack (ideally you shouldn’t be snacking that often but you have to start somewhere) -A few nuts or plain yoghurt maybe?
    Sounds like you should try and cut down on those cups of tea….you need another diversion
    I found exercise helped (not something I’d ever done before and I didn’t enjoy it!) a quick burst of HIIT took the cravings away, it took willpower but helped in a multitude of ways (reduced eating, increased fitness, burned some calories etc) Just start by doing a few minutes and build it up if you can, if you can’t do few minutes do what you can and build it up.
    Clear out the cupboards and don’t buy those snacks, if there not in the house you won’t eat them!
    Sounds like you need to ditch the sugar, easier said than done but worth it, you need to loose your sweet tooth….
    Good luck, make a start!

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