Kefir separation

  • posted by Hedgehog

    It’s my 1st time here and I’m sure someone will be able to help me. I have my 2nd batch of kefir milk in my fridge and although it hadn’t separated before it went in there, it has now, can I just shake it/whisk it and drink it like I would a yoghurt drink? Or like I did with my 1st batch that hadn’t separated.

  • posted by recoveringfatty

    Hi Hedgehog
    Welcome to the forum. Yes just shake or stir it back together it will be fine. I’ve done this many times as I often don’t quite get to it in time. I make a small batch every day but now the weather is a little warmer 24 hours is often a little too long and it starts to separate. I You can also leave it to separate and scoop Kefir from the whey and eat it like cream cheese or even strain and press it an make a harder cheese which I’ve done a few times too.
    Hope you are enjoying it we’ve gone from not liking it initially but now we crave it!

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