Probiotics and Stool Color

  • posted by rj48a

    A few years ago I started taking Hyperbiotics for a good 2 years straight and then stopped. For about a year or so everything was fine and then I went over to a friends house and had a really heavy dinner this summer. I probably ate way more then I should have it was a mix of chicken and spicy food. 2 days later my stool really changed. It was loose and lighter colored for a week. So I panicked and started taking Hyperbiotics again. After about a week more or so it returned backed to normal. Fast forward 2 months and I’m experiencing the same issue again with light colored stools and it ranges from really lose to being together with a bit of crumbs. I was taking the probiotics but like once every few days and ran out last week. Yesterday I started back up on them again. Anyone experience something like this? Could it be that my gut flora is imbalanced? Sorry if this is TMI. Thanks

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