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This website is all about guts and the microbiome. We want to keep you right up to date with the latest science, including research into probiotics and prebiotics, but we also want to introduce you to foods and recipes that have been shown to keep your guts in tip top condition. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, claimed over 2000 years ago that “all disease begins in the gut” and it is becoming increasingly clear that he really was on to something.

As well as helping people optimise their gut health, we would like to help people who currently have gut problems, such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and food intolerances. For those with gut problems there is a very well established two stage approach to repairing the gut, which involves first of all removing possible food irritants and then replacing foods gradually. It is really important that this is done gradually and systematically.  

If you don’t have gut problems and simply want to improve your gut health then it is not necessary to remove foods like gluten from your diet, but you should aim to cut out or minimise the consumption of sugar and processed foods.

If you have severe gut problems you really must see your doctor and exclude more serious conditions before embarking on it.  Please see the question “Who should NOT do the diet” in our FAQ and our medical disclaimer.

For questions on where to find products and services mentioned in the book, please see this post on our forums.