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  • posted by Charlorre

    Good morning, I have never written on any forum before so this information would be important to me.

    I have fatty liver and hypertension and need to get this under control, I do not want to take medication so I am going to try and sort these problems myself and have been looking at both books, 800 a day or good gut, does anyone know what the differences are.

    Thank you

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Hi Chalorre!

    I started with Michael Mosley’s ‘Clever Guts Diet’ book, but recently bought the ‘Fast800 Diet’ book. I likely have fatty liver, but am three weeks into reversing that (no alcohol down from loads of alcohol!). Today was my first big grocery shop since reading the second book.

    ‘Clever Guts’ is primarily for anyone with a digestive issues, not targeted at weight loss at all. It is a properly balanced and very varied Mediterranean style healthy eating programme. Phase One is about identifying and eliminating problem foods in a structured, scientific way. Snacking between meals is discouraged to ‘rest’ the digestive system, which would also support the liver as it regenerates and recovers.

    ‘Fast 800’ is the update to Dr Mosley’s 5:2 Fast Diet and perhaps also to his Blood Sugar Diet too. It is targeted at those who need to lose weight/ bodyfat to improve their health long term. It is a flexible, reduced carbohydrate Mediterranean style eating plan. There are three Stages to choose from: strict 800 cal a day for up to eight weeks, OR 800 cal a day twice a week, healthy reduced carbohydrate diet the other five days, OR maintenance/ slow weight loss.

    Whichever you go for, read and then reread the book. Show your own doctor/ nurse/ dietician the book and ask for their suggestions. Do not feel you need to go in ‘all guns blazing’. You sound determined to change for life, not a quick fix which is great!

    Many of us on the different Mosley diet forums have read two books, and are either combining or moving from one programme to another as our needs change. This is fine because Dr Mosley and his wife Dr Claire Bailey are both medical doctors who are ALL about health, balance and variety in our diet. Daily physical activity is also strongly encouraged. This does not have to be formal exercise if that is daunting.

    Do post any more questions, I will come by each day to check for you. 🙂

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