Extra virgin olive oil

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    I’m new to here. What is the best extra virgin olive oil brand to purchase in Australia. I am aware that many are counterfeited or adulterated. Thanks

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    I thought this guidance would be on this website (as per the Clever Guts Diet book) but I can’t hunt it down.
    I live in the UK and going off TV food documentaries would expect the larger supermarkets, selling their own brand of cooking oils, would police their sources and even lab test the product before putting their own name on the label. Their reputation rests on it. If I bought a bottle of Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s wine which was below standard then I wouldn’t go down that road again and I’d tell my friends. Cheers.

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    Jonesy22: given how many British and EU food giants bought or sold budget processed beef products adulterated*/ enhanced* with thoroughbred horsemeat back in 2013, tracking and testing can be worked around.

    *delete as you see fit!

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    I have nothing to do with the company below, but I AM half Greek, and my Greek mother is 90 years old and going strong. Even in the war, when she was in Athens, and starving, her mother used to walk for hours across the city in search of olive oil. Bread: they had none.
    Michael mentions in his book the problem with counterfeit extra-virgin olive oil and on this Clever Guts site he says that although he has not yet managed any definitive listing of safer brands, he recommends small, individual companies. I read in his book about unripe olives etc – so here we are …… and of course, he’s right about price, too.


    Or just see below ( I’ve pasted from site)

    This is the first olive oil of the season, made from unripe olives when they are still small and green. A truly superior olive oil with intense flavour and a unique grassy taste.
    Harvest: 2016-17
    Single estate: Sparta, Greece
    Single variety: Koroneiki
    Harvest: End of November, by hand
    Extraction: cold extracted up to 18°C
    Limited production
    Awards: Great Taste Awards 2012 (2-stars) | BIOL International Olive Oil Competition 2015 : Gold Medal | SILVER AWARD NYIOOC 2016 |BIOL International Olive Oil Competition 2017 Silver Medal | Great Taste Awards 2017 (1 star)

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    Ok i just did a google search and found this…

    I would much prefer to be able to walk into my local shop / healthfood store and buy it, so im going to see if any of these have made it to the shop shelf… anybody else have any good recommendations, id appreciate a heads up. What we cook our foods in is paramount to the gut so this thread really should be hopping with recommendations

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    So ive just spent the morning looking into this . Ive checked stores in my area, louth ireland. Tescos , dunnes stores, aldi, centra, holland and barrett . I ve also been doing some online research and what i have come up with is that Australia and chile produce the best and safesest EVOO with california coming in a cool third.
    Of all the stores ive checked, tescos seem to have the poorest evoo , if you go by origin colour and what it says on the label.. eg ‘cold pressed’ , apparently olive oil needs to be put through high heat to be pressed so cold pressed is null and void.
    Aldi came up as the best of what i can find, with my limited knowledge, holland and barrett dont do evoo or any cooking oil really in the two stores i checked and centra do stock brands , none of which id trust.. nothing against any of the stores, just my humble opinion.
    None stock austrailian or chilian evoo , id imagine its expensive to import so im going to stay clear and stick with coconut oil till there is a more obvious, safer easier accessible and a more definitive result on the whole evoo debacle .

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