Tap Water and Psoriasis

  • posted by Painterman

    Having had psoriasis of the scalp for around 40 years I have been trying dietary changes and logging it for the last two and half years. The only thing that seems to have made a real difference is avoiding tap water and only drinking natural mineral water.
    Having now read the Clever Guts Diet, I wondered if the chlorine and possible other chemicals in tap water damage the gut biome. From the last month of avoiding tap water my skin has almost completely healed. It took about 3 weeks of following this regime for the improvement to come, but I can’t think of anything else I have done that could account for this eureka moment.
    I was interested in others experiences on this or if it might help anyone.

  • posted by GrahamSPhillips

    The skin microbiome undoubtedly plays a role in inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. 5:2 diet is profoundly anti-inflammatory and worth investigating also take a look at the BBC Trust Me I’m a Doctor website and specifically Gladskin

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Are you saying you have avoided drinking your tap water, scalp contact with your tap water or both simultaneously?

    If your drinking water is contaminated that may affect health. Contamination is more likely if you have well water, old lead pipework, leaking pipework, do not run the tap sufficiently before filling your glass, or drink stored water from a tank rather than from the mains.

    But normal levels of chlorine or suchlike should be well diluted by food before they reach the colon.

    Contact your water company if you have concerns about the quality of the water supply to your property.

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