Nail fungus on thumbnail – caused by candida in the gut? Low Lactobacillus?

  • posted by Christel

    I have had a nail fungus on my thumbnail and two toenails for years. After taking dangerous prescription medication and countless nail applications, nothing worked.

    A naturopath said it could be something related to my gut and to avoid sugar. Is this related to low levels of Lactobacillus as referred to on pages 58-59 in the book?

    I was on antibiotics for three weeks some years ago related to cellulitis, and this may have caused it.

    Apart from more probiotics, any advice?

    With many thanks, Christel

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Start with your detailed food and symptom diary (p.187). Probiotics are only one aspect of Clever Guts: consider the balance and variety of your diet, the nutrient density and prebiotic content, your lifestyle as a whole.

    Prescription medications are scientifically proven safe and effective, when used appropriately. For some medical conditions diet and lifestyle modification can be equally effective, and safer or side effect free to boot. Unfortunately very few patients are willing to overhaul their diet and lifestyle.

    Don’t try to ‘marry up’ what medical professionals advise with what alternative practitioners claim (too often not rooted in any science). Instead be clear with your doctor or pharmacist that you are open to evidence-based diet or lifestyle changes. if they aren’t able to advise they should be able to refer you to another healthcare professional who can.

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