Intestinal adaptation after small bowel resection

  • posted by Joe Kittel

    In April of 2014, I had the last 4-5 feet of my small bowel removed due to a carcinoid tumor (a very slow growth form of cancer) in the lymph node feeding that section of the small bowel. (Note: based on recent lab tests and scans, my body is cancer-free.)

    * Has anyone else, here in this forum, had a small bowel resection (esp. removing the last 4-5 feet)?
    * How might this type of small bowel resection impact some of the suggestions in the Clever Guts book?
    * What can I do to improve the intestinal adaptation process? (i.e., make my gut and bowel movements less of a central issue [challenging area] in my life?)
    * Are my guts now “stupider” given about 20% of the small bowel is now gone?

    Joe Kittel

  • posted by Firefox7275

    You might find many of the questions and comments in the ‘Microbiome & Ileostomy’ thread (Welcome forum) useful, even tho the op itself is rather different!

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