Green Banana Resistant Starch – Multi Fibre

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    I have recently discovered an Australian Made product which seems to fit the bill for good Resistant Starch. It is made from green lady finger bananas grown in Tropical North Queensland – Australia. It claims to have 9.5g of resistant starch per serve (plus magnesium, potassium, zinc etc). It is very palatable with milk. How does this compare with Potato Starch? Is it as effective?

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    It would be worth re-reading the section on resistant starch in the Clever Guts book (p.129-130 + p. 268-269). Do note that, for general gut health, Dr Mosley advocates a really wide variety and balance of prebiotic rich wholefoods, rather than processed supplements.

    For a specific health outcome (eg. improved sleep quality/ quantity or stabilising blood glucose) you would need to test both potato starch and your green banana product on yourself, whilst maintaining your detailed food and symptom diary (p. 187).

    This is because supplements interact with your unique diet, lifestyle and physiology. Just as with drugs, there is no one supplement that is safe or effective for everyone. So if you have a diagnosed sleep disorder or diagnosed blood sugar issues, or are on prescription medication check with a health professional first.

    Wherever possible record and compare foods by weight (solids/ liquids) or volume (liquids only). Manufacturers’ serving sizes are often not realistic, or don’t fit with official healthy eating guidelines. Furthermore “one teaspoon mixed with … half a glass of milk before bed” (p.269) is NOT the same as another, as demonstrated by the potato starch threads here!


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