Does this plan help leaky gut / iron absorption / antibiotic repair?

  • posted by Miss Swirley

    Hi all,

    I’m new here, I’m 37 and vegetarian. I used to take iron tablets to supplement but after a bout of antibiotics (erythmycin) that I had to stop on day 3 because I felt so unbelievably nauseous, I stopped absorbing iron in tablet form. This was a year ago last August and I’ve been on liquid iron ever since. I did try going back on tablets when the liquid ran out in November, thinking of course my gut would be healed by then, and was amazed how quickly I crashed.

    I’m excited to join the community and am hoping by following the plan my gut can heal and absorb iron more efficiently again. Has anyone had experience of this happening? I’m lucky that I don’t experience gut pain or symptoms, but I have been battling fatigue for the last four years (even when my iron levels are well maintained) so I’m hoping this will help with that too.

    I’ve been intermittent fasting (16:8 daily) for the last month so this is the next step. My liquid iron is full of sugar and breaks the plan but unfortunately I can’t be without it! Looking forward to connecting with fellow gut healers and would love to hear your thoughts, experiences or success stories! 😊

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