Money/ Time Saving: Flavourings/ Seasonings

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    The first in a series of ‘information sharing’ threads. As such PLEASE contribute: I am here to learn too! Starting with longer life ingredients but will get onto perishables/ fresh stuff.

    These threads are (partly) in response to posts expressing some
    very reasonable concerns about the Recipes section of The ‘Clever Guts Diet’ book (CG). Concerns covering cost and availability of ingredients, complexity of recipes, time input needed, suitability for single person households.

    My posts are UK-centric, I live alone but am blessed with a decent amount of kitchen cupboards and a freezer. Work background (was) healthcare; last role included nutrition consults. Soon learned real people wanted quicker and/ or cheaper and/ or practical alternatives offering similar nutrients!

    I am now on long term sick so low-ish income. Too much time (when well enough) to cram my head and cupboards with cheap-ish/ good value for money wholefoods and – somewhat processed –

    Products are not always the cheapest: I balance that with flavour, ingredients list (% main ingredient, additives) and convenience (reduced prep time, shelf life).

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    Great idea, I am looking forward to sharing some ideas that I have found useful with my own adaptations of the blood sugar diet, since that shares many of the same principles. The first one is look for vegetables and fruits in the reduced section of supermarkets. The ‘best before’ date on these does not mean they suddenly become dangerous or bad for your gut biome, and you can usually increase the variety of your fruit and vegetable intake very enjoyably.

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    Virgin/ unrefined/ organic coconut oil: Try discounters (Aldi/ Lidl/ B&M/ Home Bargains beauty aisle), Pakistani or Indian grocery stores, World Foods aisle of supermarkets. £4-5 500ml

    Coconut milk or cream, dilute your own: Grace or Maggi brand milk powder 300g ~£3.50; Pride, Dunns River, Tropical Sun, KTC brand block creamed 200g. 200g 80p+. Try Pakistani or Indian grocery stores, World Foods aisle of supermarkets, Amazon.

    For freshly squeezed citrus juice use bottled lemon or lime, or ruby red grapefruit juice separated from the segments, frozen in an ice cube tray (Sainsburys canned).

    Stock/ bouillon: most ‘meat’ stock cubes or stock pots are based on yeast extract, with added refined starches, soy, gluten, high levels of sugar and salt, so read the label.

    IMO the best quality include: Meridian Natural yeast extract (no added salt/ added vitamin B12); Marigold Swiss vegetable bouillon powder (vegan/ reduced salt). Try Amazon or health food stores.

    Also Bovril beef extract (41% stock, 27% yeast extract, 11% salt) ~£2.80 for 250g; Knorr fish/ chicken/ lamb stock pots (46% fish stock/ 36% chicken stock/ 37% lamb stock/ ~15% salt). Regularly on offer in supermarkets @ £1 for four pots.

    For fresh mint try Colmans Garden Mint Concentrate (45% mint). ~£1.50 Top up with white or rice vinegar to increase fridge life.

    For fresh basil try any own brand reduced fat pesto (~50% basil) ~£1. Top up with olive oil to increase fridge life.

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    Other oils/ fats:

    Aldi Specially Selected Puglian extra virgin olive oil PDO Terra di Bari Castel del Monte

    *Also see the Mediterranean Diet forum*

    Aldi Specially Selected British cold pressed rapeseed oil

    *Also see the Mediterranean Diet forum*

    Yeo Valley British organic salted butter

    *No UK cattle are 100% grass fed due to the weather. Organic farm animals are not routinely treated with antibiotics, so should have a healthy microbiome*


    Apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ (unpasteurised/ unfiltered/ live/ raw)

    *see the Newbies & the Probiotics forums*

    Sainsbury’s red wine vinegar

    Aldi Solesta aceto balsamico di Modena IGP

    *The Grocer gold award winner 2015*

    Next planned purchase is black rice vinegar. Please suggest products available in the UK!

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    Soy sauce or tamari (gluten-free) sauce:

    Kikkoman naturally brewed soy sauce (43% less salt)

    *naturally brewed has a much more complex flavour than supermarket soy sauce. Refill a small bottle from a one litre bottle (<£6)*

    Odysea pomegranate molasses (no added sugar). Amazon, Sainsburys ~£3
    *Mymoune brand is nicer but far more expensive! *

    Taj or Cofresh frozen crushed garlic/ crushed ginger/ garlic & ginger cubes. ~£1 for 400g; Indian/ Pakistani/ Middle Eastern grocers, or larger city Big Four supermarkets

    I love spice and heat so have numerous products! Easy/ lazy – and often cheaper – alternatives to fresh chilli peppers include chilli powder, dried flakes, jar chopped (mild/ medium red), frozen crushed (hot green).

    Nishaan minced red chilli (jar); Amazon, larger Indian/ Pakistani/ Middle Eastern grocers, or World Foods aisle of larger supermarkets

    *hotter than Batts (Lidl or Aldi)*

    Belazu rose harissa Middle Eastern spice paste. Amazon, Sainsbury’s ~£4

    *Asda harissa paste has similar ingredients and slightly cheaper*

    Santa Maria Mexican chipotle paste (57% smoked peppers, 38% tomato) Amazon, Morrisons £1.50

    Asda dried smoked chipotle chilli flakes.

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