How to distinguish SIBO and SIFO in gut dysbiosa

  • posted by maxandco

    Hi there,
    For the past 3 months I have been having strange gut behaviour very similar what an IBS is:
    – 1-2 stools a day not really formed or very “pasty” that smell bad (cow/farm)
    – It seems I am feeling well 1 day over 2 (like 1 day I am OK, the next one very bloated, the day after ok…)
    – I started to have acne more regularly and can’t ged rid off (usually I have 2-3 pimples during periods or if I ate too fatty)
    – When I feel weaker/bloated I have weird sensation to legs and arms like joint pains? Is that leaky gut?
    – More intolerance to food (can’t even think about eating bread or tomatoes or potatoes without issues)

    In overall, I don’t feel especially “bad” as I don’t want to go poop every hours but I know something is wrong. I have IBD (UC) and got a flare in December, I’ve been switched to anti-tnf and everything is OK, no inflammation at all, no side effect so far. Also no parasites or pathogens. NOTE: I started to feel this before the UC flare but stool appearance was still OK at that time (before inflammatory diarrheas kick off of course).

    I did a microbiota test in December showing low diversity so I also tried to improve my gut since it started: I sometimes drink water and milk kefir, eating more fermented food in general. I also eat any kind of fiber (starchy, legumes, vegetables, fruits) as I hate restriction. I wonder if my diet of fermented stuff messed things off? It seems sugar containing food is what triggers it so I’d go for SIFO but I know it’s very difficult to know exactly when it’s IBS related.

    Any tests that have been showing proof? any similar stories or experiences? I think my gastro won’t be able to help and so I was ready to check medical functional practitioner to find the root if it’s the only solution but it’s long, painful and can cost a lot.

    Thank you!

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