'Asian Flush' ALDH2 deficiency/difficulty metabolising Acetaldehyde

  • posted by JulieY

    I suffer from ‘Asian Flush’ and am trying to find out more about whether this diet would be safe for me and whether in fact I should take probiotic supplements (if so, which ones are suitable), or should I avoid them altogether? I am also unsure about use of foods like yoghurt or soy as they seem to be listed as foodstuffs containing high levels of acetaldehyde. I have tried to do some online research but am finding practically nothing of any relevance – help please Michael Mosley or anyone else!! My understanding is that this condition affects a significantly high proportion of the world’s population yet there seems to be relatively little advice out there related to what ‘diet’ individuals with this condition should actually ideally follow. Unfortunately my GP has been able to offer absolutely no advice at all, in fact, he seemed to have never even heard of it ! I would be really grateful if anyone has any knowledge on this, or for any pointers or ideas of websites/books/ research departments/individuals conducting studies that I could access/contact. Thank you.

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