Weight gain after colonoscopy

  • posted by Chris in Deloraine

    I had a colonoscopy a little over a week ago. I realise that I would expect some weight gain after the bowel prep and colonoscopy BUT ever since – almost daily – I have had a weight increase. I know it is still early days but losing isn’t easy for me and I’m a little horrified by seeing this increase. Could it be due to the changes in my microbiome following the bowel prep?
    I follow a low carb, healthy fat regime and this hasn’t changed since the colonoscopy. Daily I consume homemade water kefir, quality yoghurt quite often, lots of veggies- mostly green, protein and dairy.
    Does anyone have any information about this topic?

  • posted by Firefox7275

    I may have more questions than answers, but will try to help …

    Did your Gastroenterologist or other medical professional warn of weight gain? Are you meaning a significant overall gain, or a weight loss followed by regain?

    Why are you weighing yourself daily? Health professionals usually advise against this. Short term changes tend to be fluctuations based on some combination of minerals/ electrolytes, muscle glycogen (carb energy source) water/ hydration and contents of the colon (food waste plus gut microbes, depending upon prebiotic content).

    Are you tracking the balance and variety of your diet with a detailed food and symptom diary (p. 266), and/ or the support of a registered dietician? You mention no,mineral and fibre rich substitute for wholegrains and pulses (esp. seeds). Greens are not more beneficial than blue/ purple, red, yellow/ orange produce. Which proteins?

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