Vegan protein concern!!

  • posted by bloatednewbie

    Hi everyone, I’m about to start my gut repair journey! I have been persistently bloated for 6 months or so with no other gut health symptoms (bowel movements are all good, folks!). Had all sorts of tests, but my GP has recommended resetting my gut biome. I’m vegan and cook the majority of my food from scratch so don’t eat many processed foods and eat a lot of fruit and veg anyway. My main concern is protein!! The start of the programme states to remove pulses and I’m worried about cutting out chickpeas and beans..I also don’t like tofu so I’m pretty much restricted to tempeh and nuts. Does anyone know if protein powder is okay to have? I obviously have a vegan one so no diary products. The blend I currently have also doesn’t contain soy! Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you!

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