the clever guts diet and high cholesterol

  • posted by Amachi

    Hi, there. I note that there is a lot of coconut cream and oil in the diet, which I believe is about the only vegetable-based fat that contains cholesterol. I’m trying to get my cholesterol down without going on statins and am concerned that clever guts might not be suitable. Should I ignore cholesterol from this source, or substitute coconut cream and oil for another good oil? Will I miss out on something good in the coconut by eliminating it? Cheers.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    I think you are confusing cholesterol in food with saturated fat in food? What changes to the fat balance and amount in your diet has your doctor or dietician recommended?

    Dr Mosely advocates a heart healthy Mediterranean-style diet, which includes plenty of extra virgin olive oil and oily fish (page 103+). Serving sizes of foods higher in saturated fat (traditional cheese, dark chocolate, eggs, red meat) are modest.

    EVOO is far richer in antioxidants than virgin/ unrefined coconut oil, but its flavour is better suited to savoury Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes.

    Skimming the book recipes it seems coconut oil and milk are used as a substitute for the flavour and texture of butter or double cream in sweeter and south Asian dishes.

    The obvious solution would be to focus more on the former group than the latter, and/ or to reduce the amount of fat you cook/ fry with. The recipes are to get us started: longer term we will need to collate more for balance and variety.

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