Radio 4 three part series on the human microbiome – The Second Genome

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    Very interesting to anyone interested in our microbiome and its effects on our mental and physical health, biome DNA analysis and how exercise, illness, and food effect the biome makeup, fecal transplants, and future use of bacterial based drugs for illnesses


    Professor Tim Spector of the British Gut Project
    Professor Rob Knight University of California San Diego
    Dr. Janet Jansson of the Biological Sciences Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Professor Eric Alm co-director of the Center for Microbiome Informatics at MIT
    Lawrence David , Assistant Professor Center for Genomic and Computational Biology at Duke University
    Curtis Huttenhower of the Human Microbiome Project
    Trevor Lawley of the Wellcome Sanger Institute in Cambridge
    Dr. Susan Joyce from University College Cork

    next episode broadcast on Tuesday at 11 AM

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    New episode – “Dirt and Development”

    Investigates how our biome can be linked to the manner of our birth, and other ways bacteria is passed from mother’s to babies through breastmilk- i.e. bifidobacterium species. How antibiotics given to babies in the first few months of life might damaged their microbiome, and lead to auto immune disorders such as asthma and eczema.
    Also covers research that shows that babies in households with pets in are much less likely to develop these auto-immune conditions.

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