probiotic supplements worsened my depression after eating

  • posted by lisa d

    I have had lifelong depression and food sensitivity. In the last few years I’ve noticed that 1-2 hours after a fatty meal (or even a lot of cashews), my depression worsens. Shortly after taking probiotics it amplified, and taking a week of antibiotics calmed it down (although I became very sleepy). I suspect this is related to SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth).

    – One possibility – endotoxins are released from bacteria from saturated fat.
    – Another random possibility – Deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile acids, which are metabolic byproducts of intestinal bacteria. This seems to have an affect on the immune system (which is often coupled with mood).

    I wanted to throw this out there in case anyone finds this helpful. I found a couple of posts from googling with others that have the same symptoms, but I had to dig deep. Any feedback is welcome!

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