Overgrowth of Strep in stool test (40%).

  • posted by sp123

    I recently had the stool test (for fatigue) with my Naturopath and it showed 40% Strep (should be <5%).
    They recommended 2 months of antibiotics which I feel nervous about (as will kill other microbes too).
    My other Biomes were at good amounts.
    So why do I have an overgrowth and anyone know if it can be reduced without antibiotics?

  • posted by Firefox7275

    These are questions for a medical professional who has access to your full medical notes, including results to all tests and any diagnoses. A naturopath can neither diagnose medical conditions nor prescribe drug treatments.

    As regards Clever Guts, have you been completing the detailed food and symptom diary (p.187-188)? If you are willing/ able to consult health practitioners privately you might consider having your food diary and results of medical tests analysed by a registered dietician.


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