Not that newbie … but a couple of questions.

  • posted by BlancaBrana

    I have done 5:2 with great success and also the fast beach diet. The stress and depression happened.
    Now I am a 57 year old woman.
    Have done phase 1 Clever guts, after some liver values where slightly high. I am being monitored by my GP just now. I have informed her about my nutrition, which she means is good to keep the focus on that also as I am being monitored. I want to contribute to my own “health-liver-recovery”. I am a moderate drinker (1 wine glass a week), no alcohol from now on.
    Health wise, will I benefit more of following the Clever guts lifestyle or is it better to move to the new fast 800?
    Are familiar with both, which one will contribute more to improve my liver values.
    Thank you.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Well done for getting your focus back!

    Has your family doctor suggested that you lose weight? Are your BMI and waist circumference measurements in the ‘healthy’ range, ‘overweight’ range or ‘obese’ range?

    In the ‘Fast 800 Diet’ Dr Michael Mosley says “It is designed to provide a simple, effective way to shed fat and set yourself up for a healthier future.” (p.11).

    Whereas in the ‘Clever Guts Diet’ Dr Michael Mosley says “it is about the sort of food and lifestyle changes you should make if you have gut problems.” (p.9).

    Were you been maintaining the detailed daily food and symptom diary (p.187) during your recent CG phase 1? Do you believe that you were eating a properly balanced and very varied wholefood diet when doing the 5:2 plan, or focussing more on calorie counts?

    Given that you have struggled with your mental wellbeing – stress/ depression – it might be wise to focus on targeted nutrition if you are in the UK, since we are coming into Autumn and Winter.

  • posted by BlancaBrana

    Thank you for your reply.
    I appreciate your quotes from the books, that helped me to increase my understanding. I have now highlighted them on mine, as a reminder.
    1. I Have a BMI of 38 which is obese. I know I need to loose weight, I have been loosing slowly. I lost almost 4 kilograms on CG phase-1. It has been recommended that I loose weight and got to a 31 BMI when I did 5:2.
    At the moment my GP has had focus on finding out about what is causing the liver values slightly increased in the last 2 blood tests. I am going for a liver ultrasound now on the 17th of September and retaking the bloodwork too. In order to have a clearer understanding of what is happening and if there is the need to refer me to a specialist.
    I am thinking after re-reading on my Dr. Mosley books, that a proper Fast 800, will improve my health.
    2. Yes I did maintain the diary and have come to understand that cow milk products are not good for my gut. I have eliminated all dairy products. Except for Greek yogurt and goat chess, which I eat anyway a very low amount.
    3. Yes, absolutely I did with 5:2 I (and my family) enjoyed the variety and felt we ate whole-food and varied. We have kept some of those recipes as part of our diet. I would say for me in particular I did also focus on not going over the 500 – 600 calories on the fasting days.
    4. I am in Norway, and I think I will benefit from a “targeted nutrition”. Can you elaborate how can I do that. Are you thinking I will benefit of following the 12 week program of “Fast 800”? I have been wondering about it myself.
    I am fortunate to have a brilliant, wise and caring GP, so I will be followed up anyway.
    Thank you again and looking forward to your answer / advice.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Given that you are in the ‘obese’ range at present I would suggest trying ‘The Fast 800’ diet. Steadily losing fat around the abdominal region should reduce systemic inflammation and reduce the stress on your liver.

    If you feel able to, you could try Stage 1: Very Fast 800 for the two weeks suggested by Dr Michael Mosley then reassess (p.124 & p.142). That would take you up to the liver ultrasound date anyway. You might then decide moving to Stage 2: The New 5:2 is better for your family, and better for your overall nutrition.

    Targeted nutrition for mental health at this time of year includes wholefoods rich in vitamin D3, long chain omega-3s, magnesium, zinc. So plenty of oily fish, other seafood such as oysters and crab, chia seeds, low sugar dark chocolate, cacao nibs. If you can cook with the bones of the fish and the shells of seafood, you will get some extra
    minerals in the broth to help replace the cows dairy that you do not tolerate well.

    People with fatty liver and with obesity are often low in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D3 and zinc again. Some experts also suggest increasing antioxidant rich wholefoods: these include bright and dark coloured non-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruits in the full rainbow of colours, low sugar dark chocolate, cacao nibs.

    Everything I have listed works with Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey’s recommendations in ‘The Fast 800’ and the ‘Clever Guts Diet”. Hopefully your excellent GP will agree!

  • posted by BlancaBrana

    Thank you so much again, fantastic follow-up. I have decided to subscribe to the Fast800 Programme. This way I can have the proper follow-up. I will definitely be talking to my GP. I am glad I have all the books, but I am sure the programmer will be best for me for now.
    Wholeheartedly thankful, most helpful answers / advice.
    Blanca Estela

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