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  • posted by ste92

    Hi everyone.
    Wanted to get a quick post up to get started. Although I am typing this from my phone at work so I won’t go into too much detail just yet.

    I recently bought the book and am finding it very interesting. I already have an incredibly healthy diet but I always wonder if I am intolerant to anything I eat. Plus I have been on and off acne medication for my back and shoulder acne for about 10 years (26 years old now) such as lymacycline, I only take 1 a day though. I have been wanting to come off the medication for a very long time but I am very reluctant to do it because within a few weeks my acne comes back with vengeance which eventually leaves me with scars etc. But that’s the plan.. Or the hope. There is a different tablet they swap with the lymacycline every few months too. I’m not sure the name but it’s tetra something I think, then I swap back and repeat etc..

    However I have been reading recently just how bad antibiotics can be and have read that even 7 Days of antibiotics can mess up your gut for a year so it scares me to think what damage mine has had and if it is even fixable? and whether it can actually fix my bad acne skin too.

    Aside from that I never thought of my gut as actually being in healthy. I usually use the bathroom once a day. Sometimes twice. But every now and again if I don’t go when I get the urge. I don’t need to go for another day. So occasionally it might be 2 days before I go. But not often. Not really a big concern I didn’t think. However I do seem to go through stages where occasionally my faeces seem very large and uncomfortable to pass. Sorry for too much info but figured it might be relevant.

    I was wondering if anybody knows any reliable testing kits in the UK? Although I don’t think I could afford one at the moment anyway but maybe for when I can.

    Anyway I am tempted to stop taking the lymacycline today if people think the clever guts book could help with my skin. But with me being on it for so long I wondered if I would need to do anything different or whether I should just start on the diet in the book presumably starting with the 1 week elimination diet and then adding things in?
    Also if people think it will be beneficial could they recommend any probiotic or prebiotic to be taking alongside the diet?

    I have tons of questions but any tips to get started straight away would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance and sorry if I typed anything incorrect from being on my phone

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