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  • posted by Emma38

    Hi all,
    I’ve just recently bought the clever guts book, I have a list of ailments and am hoping this helps my symptoms…
    I’m allergic to fish and shellfish- as in anaphylactic, I used to be a chef and had to give up due to this developed allergy. Whilst I was a chef I had contact dermatitis and I do suffer with small bouts of psoriasis, as a child I suffered eczema.
    I also have hashimotos hypothyroidism, I’m recently lactose intolerant and am starting to think I have an issue with casein as well.
    Despite cutting out lactose of my diet I still suffer cramps, bloating, diarrhoea/constipation.
    I have had every scan I can to rule out any physical problems that can cause all my symptoms, I am now thinking it’s in my gut. I’ve had a leaky gut in the past and earlier this year I suffered with a parasite in my gut, which I healed with homeopathic methods as my body doesn’t respond well to western medications, if there’s side effects I will suffer from them.
    I’ve come to the clever guts family for some advice on tolerating kefir with lactose intolerance- does anyone have any issues with this? I’m thinking of just going with a coconut kefir so I don’t have to “trial” it, although sometimes when I have coconut oil based products I get bloated also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also the clever guys diet for repair contains a lot of fish so I’m hoping I can just replace this with chicken/vegetables. Also due to my fish allergy I can’t tolerate seaweed.
    Sorry for the essay!! 😁😁

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Essays are good! Loads of questions ….

    Have you ever done a detailed daily food and symptom diary? Have you (re)started one yet (p.187)? Have you ever been referred to a registered dietician? Have you had bloodwork recently (inc. as many micronutrients as they will test for + inflammatory markers)? Which country are you in? How much strong sun exposure do you get? What can you eat and are you eating?

    Dairy, veg, chicken …. breast particularly is shockingly low on all micronutrients (minerals/ vitamins/ essential fatty acids/ phytoantioxidants). See the Self Nutrition Data website.
    All Dr Michel Mosley’s books/ plans are properly balanced and very varied. As many nutrient dense wholefoods as possible.

    Seeds, certain nuts (low omega-6), beans, lentils, organ meats, whole organic eggs, low sugar fruits and non starchy vegetables in the full rainbow of bright and dark colours. Introduce new foods/ increase variety and serving size very slowly as recommended in the book (p. 192).

    Your history screams micronutrient deficiencies/ imbalances, systemic inflammation to me. The insomnia and long hours are stressful, feeding into the inflammation. But without any fish, seafood and seaweed …. Yes I know how serious/ lethal anaphylaxis is.

    Medical/ pharmaceutical grade supplements or topicals from a registered dietician , medical doctor, allergist, pharmacist **considering bloodwork and food diary.** For safety’s sake, do not self prescribe please. Even vegetarian long chain omega-3s are marine algae extracts. And algae = seaweed.

    Hashimotos = vitamin D3
    Inflammation = long chain omega-3s
    Atopic eczema/ contact dermatitis = both
    Psoriasis = both
    Leaky gut = inflammation, vitamins A and D3

    Maybe vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin K, zinc …?????


  • posted by Emma38

    I am in Australia and despite that we have the highest rate of vitamin D deficiencies. We thank the cancer council for doing an amazing job warding us against skin cancer! I am on a doctor prescribed supplement and as part of my thyroid care regime I get my levels checked regularly.
    I’ve recently re-discovered linseed/flaxseed oil as a great alternative to fish oil for omega 3. It’s also been found to be just as effective as fish oil.
    I am in the process of having a stool sample (ruling out parasites and bacteria) taken and when I get the results from that I will speak to my GP about checking some other levels of things.
    I have also started a food diary again to keep an eye on things. This was how I worked out I was lactose intolerant in the first place.
    I am going to start the reboot and repair diet in the book after I’ve spoken to the GP about my current test results.
    Seeing a dietician is on the cards after my next appointment with my GP. Anything specific that you suggest I can be tested for??
    Thank you so much for the info and you’ve given me a bit more to think about in terms of deficiencies

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