IBS with Oestrogen Dominance

  • posted by ourstuff

    I’ve had mild IBS ever since I can remember. Around 2-3 years ago I started showing symptoms of perimenopause, mainly Oestrogen Dominance and excessive weight gain. After years of head scratching and research I found that changing my diet would have a drastic effect on my weight. I lost 10.5lbs in 10 days!! I subsequently put the weight back on as I thought it would be easy to lose it again. No. The amount of cruciferous fruit and veg I was eating was not making a difference any more. I then found that Calcium D-Glucarate and Indole-3-Carbinol, which is basically a ton of cruciferous veg in a capsule and also promotes the detoxification of excess oestrogen from your body. Together with a healthy diet and exercise (which wasn’t working before) with the supplements helped me lose the weight again.

    My problem now is, after suffering for the past 9 months with stress and anxiety, my IBS symptoms are exacerbated. So much so I was worried so I went to the doctor for numerous tests, only to confirm it is just IBS symptoms magnified. He told me the only way I can ‘manage’ my symptoms is to start the FODMap eating plan. This basically cuts out all the foods that irritate my tummy and create the gas, bloating etc.. You guessed it. All the cruciferous veg and the supplements contain the exact same veg that make my IBS symptoms 100 x worse 🙁

    My question is, is anyone else suffering the double whammy? I can’t take the tablets to get rid of my Oestrogen dominance which is preventing my weight lose and water retention because they cause my IBS symptoms which intern causes excess bloating!!

    Would be great to find some help..

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