Hypothyroidism & foods to avoid

  • posted by KaR

    Hello there,
    I’m really going to enjoy using the Clever Guts recipes. Being GF this past 6 months has brought me dietry change anyway, but I’m also hypothyroid and wondering if I still need to be avoiding certain foods, namely: rapeseed oil: edamame beans; tofu.
    There are many good foods which contradict the thyroid well-being (if you know what i mean) or have they been proved to be OK now?
    Many thanks

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Charities for health conditions – eg. British Thyroid Foundation – often provide evidence based information on recommended diet or lifestyle changes. Also see the US government, UK National Health Service, or similar non profit/ ‘official’ websites.

    With many health conditions the serving size and frequency foods are consumed is relevant. This fits well with Clever Guts, which is more about eating a really wide variety and balance of wholefoods than restriction.

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