Help with low zinc, salicylate and amines intolerance and auto immune disease!

  • posted by Corinnes gut

    Hi, I am unsure if anyone can help but I have recently been diagnosed with eoe, an auto immune which is caused from a food allergy.

    In the process of trying to find out what foods I found out I have salicylate and amines intolerance and low zinc that hasn’t changed after months of taking supplements. I am gathering that I have leaky gut due to antibiotic use for chronic sinus infections. I have had 70 head colds followed by sinus infections in last six years (sinus problems are also related to salicylate intolerance). I am aware I need to increase my zinc to up my immune system but this is proved difficult with a super restrictive diet.

    Has anyone got any tips for me?

  • posted by NatureLover

    I have struggled with gut health namely leaky gut syndrome, since 1998 and can sympathize with not feeling well. You mentioned using antibiotics and probably know that they kill off the good bacteria in the gut. A high count probiotic is one supplement that will begin to replace the good bacteria. There are some very informative articles published on PubMed, that talk about leaky gut, gut microbiota and the gut-brain connection. I’ve picked up on it that studies show a correlation between intolerances, auto immune disease and gut health. A good naturopathic doctor or a doctor who uses integrative medicine will be able to get you going fully in the right direction.
    Diet and good water are two basic key elements toward returning to optimum health. As for me, I mostly eat gluten free, sugar free, corn free and dairy free and use organic, non GMO foods incorporating as many raw vegetables as possible. I’m careful to stay away from any foods containing nitrates which are found in cured meats. As far as meats go, I mostly use chicken and turkey and fish, if it’s available. One thing I never drink is sodas. I’ve found them to be pretty rough on me.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Welcome, Corinnes gut. Sorry to read how unwell you have been, and how long for.

    Which medical professionals are currently overseeing your strict elimination diet and your supplement regime? Are you under the care of a registered dietician and a gastroenterologist? For safety’s sake DO NOT self-prescribe any supplement including probiotics.

    Do reread pages 186 to 188 of the Clever Guts book – A 2-Stage Healing Programme & Before You Start – where Dr Mosley cautions “If you are underweight, suspect you have a food allergy, have other significant medical problems or are frail or unwell, we would not advise embarking on this programme.”

    Hopefully you have been medically advised to “Keep a detailed daily food and symptom diary … Ideally keep the diary going throughout the programme until you identify any culprits … If you see a professional, you will also have useful information available.” (p.188)

    The Clever Guts 2-Stage Healing Programme should be appropriate for you once any food or other allergies have been identified by your medical team, and once any major micronutrient (vitamin/ mineral/ essential fatty acids) deficiencies have been treated with prescribed supplements.

    By all means post here for support and to keep yourself focussed whilst on your strict elimination diet. HTH. 🙂

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