Hello, please help!

  • posted by drof

    Hello everyone,

    please tell me if anyone has a clue what might be wrong with me, or if anyone has had the same symptoms.

    – I usually have very loose stool, multiple times a day, commonly a brighter/yellowish color, stool is very light: it floats on water and is difficult to flush; undigested food particles are not uncommon (especially seeds)
    – occasionally excessive and very smelly farting can occur
    – I have acne
    – I am quite skinny (although I am gaining muscle recently due to bodyweight training)

    – I generally feel very good almost all the time
    – I am a whole-food vegan (no sugar, white flour, oil, etc.)
    – I eat oats every day, otherwise my diet is diverse and rich in fruit and veggies
    – I don’t eat wheat and avoid bread in general
    – I exercise very often
    – I drink water kefir frequently, eat kimchi and tempeh occassionaly
    – I do yoga and meditation daily, go for walks in nature frequently; stress levels are very low (at least as it seems to me)

    So it seems like I’m living the healthiest possible life and also feel great, but my digestion and acne don’t go away. My doctor gave me enzymes, but it didn’t help. Now I am waiting for colonoscopy, which will be in a few months. Any ideas what’s wrong with me? What should I do?

  • posted by lookingforhealth

    The yellow colour and floating suggest there are fats that are undigested.
    no idea what it is/could be. hope you find out soon.

  • posted by Me here

    Sorry you ‘re feeling so rubbish! Your symptoms sound very similar to my daughter before she was diagnosed coeliac – stools, gas, skin, build. Once she started being really strict and cutting out gluten completely she improved massively.
    If you do want a coeliac test though, you have to keep eating gluten, otherwise it’ll show as negative.
    Hope you get sorted

  • posted by CoeliacSal

    If you are eating oats are they gluten-free? A lot of oats grown in the UK are grown as a follow on to wheat or barley (and so contaminated in the field) or milled in a facility that also handles gluten. The floating, light stool, bloating etc I get when I have made a mistake (plus a lot of much more serious side effects).

    I am coeliac and am just passing on wisdom from some of my errors.

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