Gut health in ostomates

  • posted by buchanak

    I would really like to ask Michael this question but in absence does anyone know the science…….I’d be really interested and grateful for your thoughts.
    I have had a colectomy. I have no colon, only small intestine. I have always been a believer in good gut health and tried to eat fermented foods and anything else that promotes good gut health. I was talking to my Gastroenterologist about my love of kefir and asking if he thought it was worth having after my op. He said ‘no’ that it was a waste of time. That it was aimed at building good bacteria in the colon and I didn’t have one anymore, just to eat what I fancy and not worry about these things.

    The more I think about it the more I find that really strange. Surely the bacteria that once lived in my colon has to recolonize somewhere else – like the intestine – other wise all sorts of things would start to go wrong with my system.

    So the question really is – what happens to your gut micro biome when you have your colon removed.

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