Gastritis symptoms keep returning

  • posted by Moochiemum

    Hello, I’m new on here. I bought The Clever Guts diet book with a view to improving my gut health.
    I’ve suffered from gastritis on and off over the last couple of years. I’ve tried to keep it at bay, changing diet etc avoiding alcohol and caffeine (not easy!)
    I’ve read Michael’s book and it’s really helpful. However, I can feel a flare up coming on (I’ve got a cold and I don’t know if taking medication for that has upset things?!)
    Any help or experience is appreciated.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Have you consulted your family doctor about the gastritis? If yes have they prescribed anything? Will your family doctor refer you to a dietician or gastroenterologist?

    Check the suitability of/ potential side effects of any non-prescription drugs with your pharmacist.

    Your best tool is the detailed food and symptom diary – p.187 – every mouthful as you eat or drink them. Ideally include other potentially relevant factors such as physical acrivity levels, sleep patterns, mood inc. stress levels, weight or body fat percentage and so on.

    Use your diary to identify potential triggers or intolerances, track the balance and variety of your diet. It can also be helpful to your family doctor, dietician or gastroenterologist.


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