Cyanide poisoning from Flaxseed

  • posted by TrishM

    Having read an article in the Mail on Sunday about the amount of cyanide in Flaxseed, should I stop making the Green Flaxseed Bread in your book ? (Since it contains 200g of Flaxseed !!!!)

  • posted by Firefox7275

    It is worth focussing on quotes from the scientific experts if you can, because journalists can alter the key message by removing qualifiers, adding dramatic words or otherwise changing the emphasis. The Daily Fail is a major culprit, especially in headlines and subheadlines.

    A later, more measured, article focusses on children
    “Europe’s food safety watchdog plays down flaxseed cyanide danger”

    Earlier article, but based on the same report
    “EFSA issues second cyanide in food opinion”

    The Green Flaxseed Bread recipe makes ten to twelve slices, so <20g per serving. On the example meal planner this recipe crops up on alternate days, BUT there are other recipes in the CG books which contain ground flaxseeds.

    Have you been maintaining your detailed daily food and symptom diary (p.168)? If yes, how much ground flaxseed are you personally consuming each day?



  • posted by BrendaAnderson

    Don’t try that if you are not sure.

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