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  • posted by JCA

    Hello. I’m a newbie! In Michael’s book recipe section, there is a recipe for Tanya’s Leaky Gut Healing Smoothie. Can anyone recommend a reliable source of organic collagen powder. Have made bone broth but not sure I’ll be able to do that all the time!
    Any information would be great. Thanks all.

  • posted by BalanceYour.Life

    I’d like lots of information promised in the book.
    I LOVE the book, but I’d really like:
    1) The list of good probiotics
    2) The information about the collagen (The side note in the book mentions Pure Gold Collagen, which might be from Tanya’s Leaky Gut Healing Smoothie is by Tanya Borowski, and her website is although at first glance I can’t see anything about collagen powder)
    3) The flavonoids list
    4) Which olive oils to avoid and which to trust

    I’ve bookmarked a few other things to look up on the website, as directed by the book, but so far I’ve found nothing.
    Please help Michael!
    However I was EXTREMELY excited to finally get my hands on his turmeric latte recipe, which I’ve been searching for ever since he gave some to Jeremy Vine to try many months ago.
    Great work!

  • posted by Bizibee

    I too have been hunting info on collagen. Basically you get it from bones, either animal or fish, hence the bone broth recipe in the book. Also, fish stews using the whole fish with its bones or cooking fish bones separately as a stock to return to the fish soup will give collagen. Thus the collagen powders come from different sources, either beef or fish. Looking down the list of brands when you google it, some guarantee they are from grass fed beef, some are organic and some are fish, including wild fish. My choices are heading towards organic meat based (organic are usually grass fed as well) or fish based. I’ve not made my mind up yet between the two types, still researching. But meanwhile I’m also buying whole chicken, then making soup broth out of the carcass, removing the breast, leg and thigh joints to eat separately.

  • posted by Andrew James


    I’ve done a bit of research into collagen powders available in the UK which are also either manufactured or packaged by UK companies and here’s what I’ve found:

    — Edible Health bovine (from cows) collagen powder =
    — Edible Health company website =

    — Royal Resource marine (from fish) collagen powder =
    — Royal Resource company website =

    Hope this helps someone 🙂


  • posted by JanBag0017

    Which type do I need? 2 or 1 & 3
    Many thanks

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