Clever Guts Book destroyed Need a copy of Phase One meal planner please !

  • posted by michellehar71

    I am very new and had The Clever Guts Diet Book along with the Recipe Book which I still have. I started yesterday and I made a big pot of carrot and Turmeric Soup along with houmous and my Flaxseed Crackers. I also have my gut healing broth in the fridge. My problem is my Puppy has destroyed my Diet book…I know it sounds mad lol. I need phase one week meal planner and cant find one. I have downloaded app but nothing on there..Help !!

  • posted by Firefox7275


    I would suggest you get hold of another copy of Dr. Mosley’s book: you will need to refer to and reread sections throughout your *unique* Clever Guts journey. The meal planner is an example only, your unique journey should be based on the analysis of your detailed food and symptom diary (p.187-188).

    Once you get your replacement copy, do note that Dr Mosley and co “don’t recommend removing too many foods at one time, so it might be helpful to do R&R in several stages. You can always repeat the process … at a later date.” (p.190) Dr Mosley further advises we “introduce foods one at a time with a gap of at least three days between each one … To try and identify the foods that are causing you problems.” (p.193)

    Going slowly and carefully reduces or eliminates guesswork. Going in ‘all guns blazing’ all too often ends in symptoms worsening with no way to identify the culprit(s).


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