Clarifications on the results of the microbiome analysis

  • posted by vladimiropelliciardi

    The analysis of my microbiome has led to interesting results but it was not clear on the meaning of the high value of the Phylum Cyanobacteria equal to 18.2% which is very different from the average of the recorded values (a few percentage points in general). The relative Class is 4C0d-2 and Order is YS2, but family, genus and species not classifiable.
    The other results are 45% of Bacteroidetes, 33% Firmicutes, (Cyanobacteria 18%), others about 4%.
    I also read the article Di Rienzi et al, Di Rienzi et al. eLife 2013;2:e01102. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.01102, regarding Cyanobacteri in the human gut, but I did not find answers to my question. Can anyone give me clarification on this anomaly can it be advantageous or disadvantageous? Or can you tell me some scientific studies to consult? Thank you

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