Chronic Urticaria

  • posted by duckjnr

    Hi all,

    After suffering from chronic urticaria for the best part of 2 months, I was given the clever guts book to read which made me think more about how my gut health could affect my condition. Since January 20, I have been on a strict elimination diet of eggs, chicken, Brussels sprouts, oats, vita weets, steak, water and cabbage. I have noticed a reduction in my severe outbreaks but these were normally at their worst after a night of a few drinks and bad meals. Using anti-histamines and steroids, I still struggle to keep my everyday facial rash (hives) to a minimum along with the constant feeling that my skin is on fire. I find the best cure for this is dunking my head in buckets of ice a few times a day but this only solves the problem for half an hour at a time.

    I was prescribed the elimination diet from an immunologist and put on a failsafe diet which has been hard to implement except on a basic level however the long term effects do not seem to be helping much.

    Has anyone had specific experience with hives in particular? I haven’t had a gut test or anything done yet but am considering it in the near future to double check there isn’t something more sinister going on.

    Any similar testimonies would be appreciated. The world of intolerance and severe urticaria seems like a lonely one lots of the time!



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