Chronic constipation

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    Hello there
    I have always been pretty healthy and fit, but have had chronic constipation since childhood. No-one has ever been able to cure it or take me seriously for that matter and i also have chronic gas. All day long, every day. I have tried everything including a complete diet over haul. I have given up sugar for the last two years, stopped eating dairy, stopped wheat gluten and most other glutens, i eat lots of fresh veggies, drink lots of water (lots of water does nothing), I eat very limited fruit and separately from everything else, follow the basic FODMAP guidelines. I’ve read and followed the Clever Guts diet.
    I have also tried the “Separation diet” where you separate proteins from carbs for two weeks.
    My serious bloating has abated with the elimination of gluten and less carbs.
    Slippery elm is the only thing that i have come across that minutely helps a bowel motion.
    But there is absolutely nothing that makes me have a natural bowel movement except my anxiety. I have small episodes of anxiety on most mornings before work, and this makes me rush to the toilet. If I am on holiday and totally relaxed, i will not have a bowel motion, at all. I can go for weeks without having one.
    Since I have tried everything and no matter what i eat, drink or eliminate I still have continuous gas and bloating, I am thinking it may be SIBO. Im wondering if someone can help please.
    Thanks very much for listening.
    Still searching

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Have been completing the detailed food and symptom diary (p.187 + p.266-267)? Has this been analysed by an approriate healthcare professional (eg. doctor/ registered dietician)? The more food groups or food types that are eliminated the easier it is for the diet to be poorly balanced and varied, and for there to be chronic nutrient deficiencies/ insufficiencies.

    Daily anxiety is debilitating and should be addressed. Consider your physical activity levels, sleep quality/ quantity/ sleep hygeine/ patterns, relaxation techniques, intake of foods rich in magnesium (certain seeds/ cocoa/ brans), long chain omega-3s (oily fish), B group vitamins, vitamin D (oily fish again). Your food and symptom diary can be used to track all of these.


  • posted by stephb33

    Your story is resonating with me. I too have tried everything- including a faecal transplant. I have found inulin helpful occasionally and Ayurvedic cleansing diet- lots of rice, lentils and vegetable. Its quite prohibitive and not very sustainable but did help in the short term. I do think keffir and komucha work sometimes but not always.

    I resort to taking laxatives most of the time, particularly Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate) and lactulose (sugar that is broken down in the gut) but still looking for a minor miracle. You might find peppermint either as oil (encapsulated) or as tea good for gas.
    Good luck

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    Linseeds! I too suffered from chronic constipation and can honestly say that linseeds changed my life. When I started taking them you could only find them in health food shops and I ground my own in a coffee grinder which I have continues to do, every morning. Now they are available in any supermarket whole or ready ground. For me the fibre is much more effective and less irritating than bran. You may have to experiment to find the right amount for you. Good luck!

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