Can't get to GP – Help Diagnose My Symptoms :)

  • posted by Bucks123


    I have had gut problems for 2 years, have been waiting for an appointment for tests but due to current situation obviously there is no way to see a doctor and my appointment has been cancelled. So I thought I would try to solve it myself! Having had a good around, I cannot find anything that aligns exactly to my symptoms so wondered if anyone could help me out…

    – Previously no problems or intolerances growing up
    – Was served a frozen tuna in 2017
    – Did a physique competition in 2018 involving strict high-carb and high meat diet and supplements (nothing illegal)
    – I live a healthy lifestyle and am otherwise very happy (barely drink alcohol, exercise and gym daily, no junk food, plenty of water, vitamins)

    – Inflamed, painful stomach daily (waking me up at night at times)
    – Gassy flair ups after every meal
    – Constipated, but then going daily (no dhiarria) – sometimes discolouring
    – Occasional UTI’s, or a similar feeling
    – Probitics seems to be making symptoms worse (45 days into taking them + cutting out intolerant food – listed below)

    So Far I have tried: –
    – Scans at the hospital – found nothing, but haven’t been able to have my gut tested yet
    – Intolerance tests (discovered a bad intolerance to dairy (which I had already cut out for months) and also gluten (which I have now newly cut out 45 days ago).
    – Plus smaller intolerances to soya and beans, sharp fruits, garlic.

    As mentioned, I have cut out all the above and been taking probiotics but symptoms are worse than ever. I’ve been listening to some fascinating podcasts, but nothing they talk of seems to align directly with the symptoms I have.
    If anyone can shine any light on the above it would be a massive help in this unique time where its difficult to see a doctor!

  • posted by LBanger

    I am only new to this website, so my post is quite delayed but if it helps you then it is worth sharing.

    Your symptoms sound similar to mine. I had a colonoscopy to reveal no signs of celiac or other related issues. My symptoms were bloating and gas after meals, constipation, fatigue and sometimes headache. Long term it created a fatigue pattern and very low immunity. I was “diagnosed” with SIBO and treated with a course of Vancomycin (a pretty brutal antibiotic).

    I am still on the journey but I manage with a low-FODMAP diet. I have identified that Fructose and Lactose are the worst offenders of the lot, and it is through trial and error that I have realised this. I am still looking for a long term solution but in the meantime, I have very little pre-biotics in my diet (not ideal).

    Probiotic tablets also sometimes flare up my digestion issues. I hope this has been helpful. Hopefully more research in this area will continue to help the global sufferers!

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