Beetroot and celeriac Soup recipe

  • posted by GargeoftheGungle

    So I’ve just finished eating the beetroot and celeriac soup recipe from the clever guts cook book. Now, my cooking experience is above average, but I’m still stumped as to how I managed to mess this recipe up so much so that it is inedible bitter.
    All I can think of is that the juice of the lemon should not have been added at the start, as the low pH essentially stopped the breakdown of the pectin in the beetroot and celeriac.
    Beet root is also naturally high in sugar, so it should have mitigated some of the natural bitterness of the celeriac (I’m assuming). I tasted the cooked beetroot before I mashed it all together and it was as expected, usual sweetness.
    So, either the celeriac was gross and bitter (distinct possibility) or something in the chemistry or process of cooking the dish made this quiet bitter. To make it edible I had to thin it down with cooked rice, then add 150g of finely grated grana Padano and toasted chopped almonds. I powered through it but my wife could only manage half a serve.
    Has anyone got any experience with this? Did I start with a bad vegetable, or did I just cook it wrong?

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