Beer, liquid toast

  • posted by Sam1960

    I’ve heard this a few times and it is also mentioned in the book, is it the same for dry cider?

  • posted by Firefox7275

    The comments on beer are presumably due to the grain base. AFAIK that applies across the board from craft beers to cheap lager.

    Beers and ciders obviously contain alcohol and sugars, and many include sweeteners. Some are more carbonated/ acidic/ chemical soupy than others.

    As with an unpasteurised/ unfiltered apple cider vinegar or a quality red wine, a flat cloudy ‘craft’ scrumpy might well contain some beneficial stuff (prebiotics/ probiotics/ antioxidants) *when consumed in moderation.* The CAMRA website has information on what is considered ‘real’ cider (proper scrumpy).
    I can’t imagine that Strongbow, Scrumpy Jack, Diamond White, White Lightening, 3 Hammers and Frosty Jacks are anything but bad for the gut.

    Certainly for me the latter two trigger gastritis (acid inflammation in the stomach) in a single session. Many others get loose and smelly poops after a night on cheap lager or white cider.

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