Alternatives to recipes in CG book

  • posted by Lina2020

    I have started the Remove, Repair phase and have followed some of the recipes. They are delicious However, I have found them labour-intensive (yes I have the gadgets but a not very efficiently designed kitchen) and it has been difficult to find all the ingredients even in supermarkets (I live in a remote area of Scotland – no Tahina or Tamari for example)

    What would be the effect of using alternatives such as:-
    1) Genius gluten-free bread instead of breakfast bread and flax/spinach bread sometimes?
    2) Overnight oats?
    3) Gluten-free Muesli?
    4) Dried sultanas and raisins?
    5) Plain red meat?
    6) Any local veg such as Swede. (I know you recommend Mediterranean diet but are there more native fruit and veg we can use?)

    I have checked the ingredients labels to avoid sugar, dairy, gluten and preservatives as much as possible. I am at the stage of just buying colourful veg and firing them in together!

    I would be enormously grateful for any views/ ideas.

    Thank you and wishing you all well on your recoveries.


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