Need some help with digestive problems Please

  • posted by Shane251988

    Need some help with digestive problems.

    Had this problem now for over a year and it is very depressing. Originally I had Helicobacter pylori which was treated with two courses of antibiotics. After the first didn’t work I and after a false negative I saw a gastro docter.

    He performed and endoscopy and colonoscopy and took a biopsy. That came back positive for the bacteria mentioned above then was able to treat the bacteria with more antibiotics. Other than that their was no problems other than gastritis which was mild which I appear to now get a lot.

    The problem I had before all that and still do which has become progressively worse is that for a reason I am not sure of a multitude of things are causing sever stomach issues. Mostly its pain ranging wildly and a near complete stoppage of my digestive system.

    As of right now I can not drink caffeine, alcohol, smoke, consumer Panadol or anything with codeine in it. Occasionally even the medication I take for depression can even aggravate it. Other things that will trigger both pain and digestive stoppage are canned foods and exercise or virtually any physical stress. Today if I do anything other than light walking or consume any of the foods mentioned it can trigger the condition.

    I have taken long breaks from doing any of the above but I still get the issues. Virtually any weight lifting is a guarantee of it occurring as well as the consumption of the items listed above.

    When the problem is triggered aside from the pain as I mentioned my digestive system simply shuts down. I have gained wild amounts of weight on very very small calories. I weigh and measure everything religiously so when I say 1000 calories on a given day and the weight gain occurs it is truly that amount. Today with the reoccurrence for example I gained 1 pound or half a kilogram. Whilst consuming only 900 calories yesterday. What’s interesting with this is that it appears I can consume perhaps close to my daily metabolic rate however only if the food volume is very small. I.e eating nothing but protein bars to reach 1300-1400 calories. This is very different to constipation which I have suffered from as in the case of constipation it appears that the food is at least digested some what but is then not processed and further. What happens to me is that I eat and go to bed and I will weigh exactly what I weighed 10-11 hours ago as if no time has passed what so ever.

    I have no issues with gluten or celiac disease as it has been tested for. Thing that have helped are:
    *Gluten free diet
    Gluten free diet
    A meat based diet ( I am mostly vegetarian)
    Being active for a maximum of 8 hours a day. By that I do not mean exercising for that long but performing the equivalent of a 9-5 factory hand type job.
    Avoiding Booze, Caffeine, Smoking, Spicy foods, Panadol or codeine
    Not consuming processed foods.
    No canned food
    Limiting sugar
    Consuming probiotics, fish oil and vitamin D.
    Metamucil, Buscopan, Quick eze and mylanta can occasionally help.
    Where I am at today is that I can do all that and still get the issues. I have gone without any supplement for over a month but it appears not to matter. The reason I haven’t returned to the doctor is that he says my gut is perfectly healthy. I do wonder what would happen if I were to purposly do the things mentioned above and then have an endoscopy but their is a lot you can not consumer before the procedure. And when I did get it done it appeared that gastritis which showed up in the results was whats causing the problems. I exercised before the procedure in the hope of turning up some results. Has I done more I.e drink caffeine, booze take panadol and eat canned foods I think then that it would be severe gastritis as opossed to the more mild variety.

    Sorry for the length it is very complex or at least it is to me. It is all very depressing to me and ANY help what so ever I would be super gratefull for.

    Thank You very much in advance

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