Money/ Time Saving: Vegetables & Fruits

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    If you have a smartphone or tablet, download the apps for the Big Four supermarkets plus Iceland/ Lidl/ Aldi, depending which stores you can travel to. This allows you to compare prices per kilo and/ or check weekly offers.

    Lidl has Pick of the Week – four discounted seasonal fresh produce items – which changes weekly on a Thursday. Aldi has Super Six, which *usually* changes fortnightly on a Thursday (but different over Xmas and Easter).

    If you can’t download apps check online, or pick up a leaflet in store.

    Tesco and Asda have something similar: end of aisle at the front of the fruit and veg section as you enter the store. I haven’t sussed out how this is advertised or the day it changes.

    These offers can be really good: eg. whole pineapple for 50p, purple sprouting broccoli for 70p. Some items are suitable for freezing, some last ages if stored well.

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    Dr Mosley (p.191) advocates *at least* seven brightly coloured portions of fruit and veg a day, mainly vegetables. And a wide variety: twenty to thirty different ones a week!

    In the UK an official serving of fresh or frozen fruit and veg is 80g, dried (no added sugar) is 30g. Beans or lentils count once per day.

    Frozen, canned or dried fruit and veg can be cheaper per portion than fresh, often with little prep time and little waste!

    Frozen fruit:

    Farmfoods current long-ish term offer three packs for £5 inc. summer, mango, pineapple, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries.

    Of all the fruits strawberries and mango defrost the worst IMO.

    Mixed summer fruits try Tesco Value (£3.50 for 1kg) or Farmfoods (£2 for 600g)

    Blueberries try Aldi (£1.50 for 300g) or Iceland (£1.50 for 300g)

    Blackberries try Farmfoods or Tesco (£2 for 350g)

    Raspberries try Lidl (£2.40 for 500g) or Aldi (£1.50 for 300g) or Iceland (£1.50 for 300g)

    Cherries try Tesco (£2 for 500g) or Lidl (mixed berries £2.40 for 750g)

    Rhubarb try Farmfoods (£1 for 750g)

    Pineapple or mango try Farmfoods or Iceland

    Tropical smoothie mixes try Sainsbury’s or Morrison’s or Iceland

    Mixed peach/ nectarine slices try Sainsbury’s (£2 for 500g)

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