Lactose intolerance

  • posted by LittlePod

    Good day Peeps,
    I have just joined Clever Guts and saw Sashammp’s post regarding lactose intolerance. The issue I have is that I cannot tolerate full fat milk, butter, or cream which started to occur at around the time I was 15, before that we had butter and Gold Top milk (in UK that’s full cream although I have never since a baby been able to eat cheese: all my siblings are cheese eaters. In my older years I can sometime tolerate very small amounts of mozzarella but any overstep makes me bilious and can make me vomit. So I am curious to know how I can follow the Clever Guts Diet without full fat products. I was a heavy smoker but stopped in my late 30’s, and a heavy drinker for 40+ years I am now focused on being teetotal since July 2017 so was thinking about the BSD too but may hit the same problem.
    Any thoughts would be well received after all I have managed thus far without but do want to repay my remarkable body with it’s own joyful retirement. 🙂

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