Kefir, live yoghurt and chemotherapy.

  • posted by Kuikka

    I have recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and am about to start a course of chemotherapy.

    I have just been given a diet sheet concerning the safety of food when the immune system is virtually knocked out by the chemo.

    It recommends yoghurt, but then at the end of the sheet says you should not take probiotics or yoghurts such as Yakult or Actimel. I have never eaten either of the latter, and normally eat organic live yoghurt or kefir.

    Does anyone know if it could be be dangerous to eat kefir while undergoing chemotherapy? I would far rather continue taking it.

  • posted by GrahamSPhillips

    Take a look at 5:2 diet- quite a lot of evidence that fasting has a specific benefit in cancer…

    In terms of the Kefir I can’t see any basis to be concerned but can you post the specific wording on the leaflet? Might be worth double checking with the oncology team

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Please check with the dieticians and/ or oncologists at the hospital diagnosing and treating you.

    Safety may depend on which specific microbes are in a given fermented product, as well as which drug treatment(s) you are prescribed. The effect of treatment on the lining of the mouth and gut may be relevant.

    Unpasteurised cheeses and DIY kefir will contain a wide variety of bacteria and yeasts, some of which may act as opportunistic pathogens given the right conditions.

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