Hi – New_ Leaky gut advice

  • posted by kanders

    hi eveyone, I am new here.

    I recently bought the clever guts diet and it makes not only does it make sense it helps me to determine that i may have leaky gut.
    I have struggled with IBS over the years, which seems to be getting worse. I started to follow the low FODMAP diet which is very helpful and can be sure that things like onions are not ideal for me least not over the past few years. Have been dairy free for years and recently went gluten free. (august.) Id like to say i felt better but my stomach still has issues.

    I thought id try some of the recipes in the book, but am have quite bad reactions to some of the food,
    i tried the green Flaxeed bread, which was very painful before i even finished eating:
    yesterday i tried the healthy gut green smoothie, and still painful now.

    If it is leaky gut is there more recipes i can get to help. I am at the moment at the point of wishing i did not have to eat.
    Broth is good, and nice on tummy, but it isnt enough to keep me going for long.

  • posted by Richwillies

    Hi mate,
    You sound very similar to me. One day I was relatively normal. Then it hit me, diarrhoea, food sensitivity, persistent loose stools. If I take high dose probiotics it helps a lot. But certain foods are a problem like coconut, lactose etc. Yes the bloody so called superfoods seem to upset me. Next step is to get a stool sample tested again.

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