Cold urticaria anyone?

  • posted by littlehellcat

    Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed an allergy to cold (yes, I know it’s strange…) – it gets triggered by cold temperatures outside, but also exposure to cold water (getting caught in an autumn shower) or even lingering too long in the supermarkets dairy section. All result in very painful welts… (though thankfully they go away about 30minutes after back to normal temp).
    I saw an osteopath for something unrelated who reckoned my heightened sensitivity to cold could be brought on by dairy. Dismissed that as complete nonsense until I read Dr Mosley’s book – but now thinking it may be more to do with critters down below being out of whack, and thus eating ‘the wrong kind of dairy’ rather than dairy products themselves. I was brought up in France (on tons of live cheese & yogurt) so giving up dairy would be tantamount to heresy – so I like the idea that maybe because I’m not eating live stuff much these days, it may have thrown my system. Planning to start making own yogurt this weekend, but would love to hear from anyone who has experienced cold urticaria and found ways to alleviate the symptoms? For that matter would love to hear from anyone who has heard of this. Meanwhile, I’m wearing gloves to do the weekly shop…

  • posted by Runthecoast

    Hello littlehellcat
    I used to get severe urticaria if I went for a run that was over around 20 to 25 minutes. Not only would I get the itchy welts but also sneeze uncontrollably and my ears and throat would get itchy and one of my eyelids would swell out. Sometimes also my nose. The next stage of the attack would have me on the loo with severe abdominal cramps and bowel movements. The severe pain would last about 50 mins to an hour then it would subside. The swollen eyelids and nose would take much longer to go down. Eventually I saw a skin specialist doctor who said it wasn’t an allergy and said the only thing I could do was take antihistamine before I went for a run. One the night before a run and a fast acting one half an hour before run. This did work but I ended up feeling really sleepy for the rest of the day.
    The thing is I also used to get sneezing when coming indoors from a cold day as though the sudden change in temperature had set if off. So similar to you. I also get a big reaction to mosquito bits.
    I am currently reading ‘the clever guts diet’ and will start working on my diet to see if I can see improvements.
    The good thing is that last year I moved out of London where I had been living for more than 35 years and now live on the south coast. Since I have been running down here I have not had to take any antihistamine before I run. I even managed a half marathon race without needing them! I am very happy with that and am now convinced that pollution must have some role to play even if it just means ones immune system has more to cope with.

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